How To Clean Kitchen

How To Clean Kitchen

With all cooking there comes cleaning, but how much and for how long you have to clean depends on your cooking habits and how to clean kitchen.

1. Kitchen cabinet cleaning

a) Detergent: can use any oil/grease cutting dish or laundry detergent and water to clean the wood cabinets. Don’t overwet the cabinets as it could ruin the finish.

b) Vinegar: vinegar and water is a valuable substitution. Vinegar is good for removing sticky films most likely caused by dirty hands.

c) Baking Soda: The hardest stains should be confronted with baking soda.

2. Keep different towels or sponges for cleaning

Often in every kitchen, we use the same towel to clean different areas of the kitchen. Avoid this and use towels for each area and wash the cloth regularly.

3. Oven/stove cleaning

How To Clean Kitchen

Steam cleaning is a well-known decision—it utilizes heated water and steam to take off the gunk in broilers, stoves, sinks.

4. Refrigerator

Sponges dipped in baking soda solution work great on refrigerator interiors (don’t forget the crispers!) and adding some vanilla extract will give it a nice deodorization.

5. Kitchen wall tiles cleaning

a) Vinegar: White vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent, that can fight the greasy walls, can disinfect it, and will also make it odor free.

b) Baking soda: Baking soda is another stain buster that can effectively clean oil and grease stains from the kitchen walls.

c) Borax: This natural substance can also help you clean oil and grease stains from kitchen walls.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

We all know our health is our wealth. We have to remain healthy in order to keep moving. We must keep our surrounding clean and this has to start from where we prepare our food, kitchen. Our kitchen seems to be clean from the outside, but then if we take a closer look we can see many things in our kitchen are not clean at all. Here are few small things that you should concentrate on for a clean and hygienic kitchen.

1. Always clean the sink after washing the dishes.

How To Clean Kitchen

We wash our dishes every time after use but then forget to clean the sink after the usage. This actually created an unhygienic environment and also keeps the kitchen stink. A little care after washing the dishes can reduce a lot of wastes.

2. Clean the knives and cutting plates

How To Clean Kitchen

Many home maids or housewives has this habit of keeping back the knives and the cutting plates without cleaning it. Clean it after each usage will keep the food you serve healthy

3. Keep different towels or sponges for cleaning

How To Clean Kitchen

Often in every kitchen, we use the same towel to clean different areas of the kitchen. Avoid this and use towels for each area and wash the cloth regularly.

4. Sterilize the refrigerator

How To Clean Kitchen

We use the refrigerator for preserving foods and never bother to clean it once in a while. The chances of getting food poisoning and diseases regarding that are very high when your refrigerators are unclean.

5. Keeps the draws and shelves clean

How To Clean Kitchen


Best Kitchen Cleaning Tips

We should clean inside the shelves and draws as we keep many utensils inside them. We often forget to check inside them thereby causing harmful diseases.

Outside beauty always attracts people but then keeping clean inside is what really matters.
Cleaning tip: sometimes no matter how clean the kitchen is it starts stinking. We can spray or simmer vinegar in order to bring back the neutral smell.

A) Always clean utensils after eating
How To Clean Kitchen

It does not matter whether you are taking a snack, some salad or a whole meal. After you are done, clean that bowl or plate. This way you avoid having a sink that always has something inside it. When you leave dirty utensils therein, you are only inviting flies and other small microorganisms in your kitchen such as ants. I cannot stand a kitchen with flies all over it.

B) Clean sponges and the sink

I use sponges to clean my utensils. Sponges get dirty too because they are what you use to clean your items. Rinsing sponges after cleaning is not enough. I prefer to boil my sponges in hot water occasionally. This kills harmful bacteria and prevents the buildup of dirt on the sponges. I often clean my sinks with hot water and soap.

C) Sterilize your fridge

This is where you keep most of your foodstuff ranging from vegetables, fruits, milk to meat. Therefore, you cannot afford to have a dirty fridge, as it is part of my kitchen. A dirty fridge equals a dirty kitchen. About sterilizing your fridge, it is very easy. I use warm water and soap to wipe the surfaces. Afterward, I wipe them using a clean, dry piece of cloth. Wait for the fridge to dry before returning foodstuffs.

D) Always clean when cooking
How To Clean Kitchen

As you cook or prepare a meal, many things happen on the kitchen countertop. Spills are inevitable. You may accidentally spill water, ingredients and cooking oil. To prevent your kitchen from looking too messy after cooking considers wiping any spills. Pick up any dirt that falls on the floor, as it is hazardous. You may slip on that banana or onion peel and hurt yourself. I know you could be tired sometimes but get used to wiping and picking up dirt. You will not struggle to do that anymore.

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